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Learn how easy it is to Make Money On Energy Bills every single month

Its become very easy to profit from Energy Deregulation in the Usa and Canada. The opportunity for ordinary open minded people to make money from this industry can take place right from your own home. If you use Energy, you can now save on your own bills while getting paid at the same time. Its a "win win" concept that allows the consumer and entrepreneur to take control of their energy bills and financial future.
While reviewing the industry we found direct selling to be the perfect vehicle to market energy and other services. Look at what happened with Excel Telecom, the billion dollar company from Dallas. Timing is everything and you want to make the right decision. The product has to be top notch and the sign up process has to be flawless. Not to mention we want to get paid weekly. Review here
Here are some tools that would accompany a Energy Home Business:

- Virtual Online Platform to enroll customers 24/7
- Fully Licensed and Compliant - Certified Training (Industry Standard)
- Lead Generation Tools and a Personal Marketing Website
- The ability to manage your business and track all progress with customers and distributors
- A rewards program for you and your customers
- Marketing Kit that comes in the Mail ( DVD,Magazines,Portfolio,Marketing Materials )
- Complete Turn Key Opportunity - Full Rep Services Support For your and your Team
- Customer Service support and Billing to handle and keep track of your customers
- Its free to switch to us when you sign up customers
- We also allow you to market 4G Wimax Mobile and Home Broadband - The fastest internet in the market
- Satellite Tv - National Provider with Unbeatable Prices - Free Installation
- Conference Calls and Live Webinars - Corporate Sponsored Seminars and Trainings
- Backed by a Multi Billion Dollar Publicly Traded Parent Company
- One on One personal coaching to help you build and earn income immediately

So much options are available for you when you decide to partner with us and position yourself to profit from the Entire North America. Imaging being able to capitalize on the Canadian Energy Deregulation home business sector as well. Canada has a huge market for Gas and Electricity. We are currently opened with additional products to help you to plant your seeds in other jurisdictions, so when there regions open up you will have had a head start to your success.
It takes a great positive attitude to have success working as a Entrepreneur. "I would rather determine what i am worth than someone else at the top" Mohamed Fazal.. A constant supply of leads is a must when building any business online or traditionally, but true courage and working with the right time when the timing of the opportunity is perfect will also give you the edge to becoming wealthy from Energy Deregulation.

Mohamed Fazal will answer all your questions and walk you through the registration process which takes minutes. You can be in the profit from day one if you are teachable
Office 1.416.937.6350 Toll Free 1.800.627.2703
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We currently have Head Offices in Toronto Canada and Dallas Texas.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mohamed Fazal Talks about Momentis Energy Opportunity and the Energy Deregulation

Momentis Energy has been a fantastic opportunity for me. I was born in Guyana and Came To Canada in 1987. I got started in MLM in 1999 with Excel Communications out of Dallas which really went well. I was only 20 years old at the time and ventured out to this incredible industry. I have been in the industry and have been in the health industry as well and other affiliate programs. Momentis was introduced to me the moment the opened the doors Back in April 2010.

The company is from my home town Toronto and they are publicly traded. I have visited and presented at the head office on multiple occasions and i am closely tied to the the top leadership. I have all the info one may need about Momentis Energy and Energy Deregulation.

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Momentis Energy Pays Weekly and Residual Checks pay once a month. In the 6 months in the company i have been paid residual which was quite impressive compared to other opportunities in the market place. You have to give up a arm and a leg in some companies just to earn residual income. We will help you to build your business. I will personally help you to build your team. We will give you free leads and we want to give you this tool

If you are not doing well in your MLM and you are doubting the leadership or company is failing or making empty promises, then contact me today to find out about the newest and biggest wealth building trend about to take place in Energy Deregulation. This is your chance to be with a company backed by a Multi Billion Dollar Parent Company. You can be the leader. This is a long term program. I really would love to answer all your questions about how you can be part of Momentis and Earn Electricity and Gas income. Now even bigger we have added Clear 4G wimax and Satellite Tv to the line up of products. Recently California opened up for Commercial Energy Expansion. The opportunity could not be better than right now. No other Energy MLM can compete with us in The north american energy deregulation.

Learn how to build your business through attraction marketing. Don't waste time with start up companies. Our ceo has a track record with 2 Billion Dollar Companies in his profile. Momentis energy has become the next biggest player in Network Marketing and The Energy Deregulation Home Business.

Find out more about 4G Wireless Income

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Energy Deregulation Now Combines 4G Wimax and Satellite TV

Get on the hottest business opportunity right now. Energy and 4G Wireless now teamed up to provide the ultimate north american work from home opportunity and home business.

Read All About it here

How much faster is 4G?

Most 3G subscribers today can expect about 1 megabit per second download speeds on average. 4G networks might deliver as fast as 6 or 7 megabits per second initially. Eventually, a 4G network hopes to be about 10 times faster than 3G.

Will 4G improve voice calls and texting?

The impact on traditional cellular services, like voice and text messaging, will be negligible because 4G networks are being designed for data.

However, because of the specific airwaves that AT&T and Verizon will use for their 4G networks, consumers will find that these networks provide better service indoors than some of today's networks.

What will 4G enable us to do on our phones that we can't do with 3G?

One thing you'll be able to do is watch a high-definition video stream on services like Hulu.

It will also be possible to take information from the Internet and interact with the real world in ways that maybe weren't dreamt of a few years ago. For example, if you were traveling in a foreign country, you could hold up your phone and look at anything written in another language, and the phone would show it to you in real time as if it were written in your own language.

A car is going to be very much connected in the future. Many cars have navigation systems today, but many of those navigation systems are offline. But tomorrow, as 4G networks expand, that navigation system will be updated in real time with traffic information, changes in new roads or streets becoming one-way.

What should consumers know about the two 4G technologies: WiMax, which Sprint uses, and LTE, which Verizon and AT&T will use?

The vast majority of the next generation of networks will be built using LTE. For example, when you travel overseas — if you have service from an LTE network, it's more likely your device will work in 4G in other parts of the world.

Because the cell providers will be using different technologies, will some be faster than others?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gas and Electricity and Energy Deregulation Hits Big Time in MLM and the Home Based Business

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Energy Deregulation and MLM is creating a Frenzy in the direct selling industry. Many entrepreneurs are walking away from traditional Telecom companies and Wellness companies to capitalize on the Next Biggest Shift In Wealth Online and In North America. Energy Has Gone Digital Folks. A Multi Billion Energy Company is now leading the way in Energy Deregulation. The Company has over 13 years of experience and has recently added a MLM Division.

Here is some facts about Energy Deregulation:

In the last few years, many states have begun to rewrite the rules to increase competition among electricity producers. Other states have been studying the issue.

The basic idea is to deregulate the generation of electricity and allow consumers to choose where they buy their power (as they can choose their long-distance phone company). Local utility distributors would continue to deliver the power, for a fee, over their lines.

This form of deregulation is being decided on a state-by-state basis. Each state faces a different energy situation and is taking a different approach. In general, areas with high electricity rates (like California and the Northeast) have been the first ones to move in this direction.

States in the Southeast are studying the issue, but are being cautious – especially given the recent crisis in California and the lack of one in the Southeast. Imagine the power of earning income from monthly energy bills from Gas and Electricity. Everyone we know uses these services which makes this the perfect product for any Business Owner and Network Marketer.

Early Results

The first few states began implementing their redesigned electricity markets in the late 1990s, and most are still in a transition period. So the jury is still out on the long-term pros and cons. But the early experience has shown:

* Redesigning electricity markets is even more complicated than expected.

* So far, most consumers have been reluctant to switch electricity providers (a wait-and-see attitude).

* For a variety of reasons, California's electricity deregulation turned into a crisis beginning in the summer of 2000 and continuing into 2001 – supply emergencies (even blackouts) and severe price spikes as well as deep financial trouble for the state's two largest utilities.

* As a result of California's high-profile problems, some states are rethinking their plans while others press forward on their own deregulation paths. Many network marketing companies are joining the Energy Trend but many will fail and only a few will have success. Go here to review one Multi Billion Dollar Company that here to stay.

What's Next?

* States will continue to keep an eye on California as well as states like Pennsylvania and Texas.
* There is a renewed focus on ensuring power supply reliability and avoiding extreme price volatility.
* The Carolinas and Florida are taking a careful, deliberate approach to the issue. Position yourself now in front of this curb and take your share in this $500 Billion Dollar Pie.

More Facts on Energy Deregulatioin:
Energy deregulation is a state issue. As such, the discussions, decisions, and methods for implementing it can greatly vary. Some states have seen the benefits and have written legislation regarding energy deregulation. Other states have not been so eager to embrace the idea, thereby denying their residents the power to choose.

When it is available, the options provided by energy deregulation may go beyond giving consumers a list of companies from which to choose. Consumers may be able to choose between different types of companies. In California, for example, consumers have had the option to choose between investor-owned utilities, local publicly-owned electric utilities, and independent electric service providers.

The right to choose electricity providers can also empower consumers to support their environmental beliefs. Some people, for example, are against the use of coal due to its negative effect on the environment. These people therefore can choose cleaner energy sources, such as wind or hydro power.

Energy deregulation also provides users with an additional means of recourse when they are not satisfied. A consumer may not be happy with the services provided or she may not agree with an energy company’s business practices. Such individuals can take action by spending their money elsewhere. Learn how to save the environment and position yourself to market and promote green energy products.

When there were no options, many people simply paid their bills and usually took no further interest in electricity. Energy deregulation often results in consumers becoming more knowledgeable about the industry. People tend to know more know about electricity generation, transmission, and pricing. This is true even among people who are in states where energy has not been deregulated. Be the first to be part of this big trend in the USA and Canada. This is similar to the wealth that was created in the Deregulation of Telecom ,but much bigger. Applicants are wanted to help with massive expansion of the home based energy sector.

Contact Mohamed Fazal 1 800 627 2703
Energy Expansion Leader - Founding Member
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Monday, August 30, 2010

MLM and Energy Deregulation is Creating Fortunes as the Next Biggest Trend online in The Home Business Arena

Energy Deregulation is rising to the top of the Network Marketing and MLM Arena as this massive 500$ industry has created a ground floor opportunity similar to that of the Telecom Deregulation in the 1980's. Wealth will be created here like it was with the Telecom Stud Excel from Dallas Texas. One specific company is leading the way by having the Largest deregulated license in 15 states and 5 Canadian Provinces.
Lets have a look at how you should be choosing your Network Marketing company:
The best choices in MLM and network marketing opportunities are the major players in the MLM field. Companies such as the energy providers offer excellent products, superior training programs, and outstanding customer service and support. If this will be your first business, working with their expertise will help you develop good business practices for yourself. Also, their commission packages are good and you can count on receiving a check from them.
Go here to learn more about a exciting and credible company

When comparing options, look for MLM and network marketing opportunities that use your talents and interests. Find a business that appeals to your individual tastes. Investing in a business that you don’t enjoy doesn’t make sense. You’ll hate the work and the business will become more of a chore rather than an opportunity. Fit your knowledge and background to the opportunity to measure if the company is right for you. Your life experiences can add greatly to a company’s offerings to create a perfect blend. Choose an industry that is ground floor. The Telecom industry is flooded and its hard to make money there. Stay far away from wireless or telecom. This trend is finished and only guys at the top make all the money. You want to choose a Multi Billion Dollar company if possible. This is why we suggests Energy Companies.

Finally, when considering MLM and network marketing opportunities, consult a friend that has been involved with the company you are considering. Chances are they have some knowledge on the particular MLM opportunity, whether as a distributor or a customer. Also, when you start an MLM business, find someone in the organization to serve as a mentor for you. They can show you the ropes and ease your transition in the world of MLM business. Mohamed Fazal is a expert in the MLM Industry and will help you to recognize your true potential. He provides one on one coaching and support and will hold your hand to help you reach your financial goals.

If we look at the Energy Industry in California, we see a need for a system and one such company is getting ready to launch a commercial product there. They are already in New York and Ohio and Illinois will be opened in September 2010. These guys have put everything in place to provide a winning business model and no other company in the Energy MLM can compete because they don't have the footprint to do so. Being able to operate in Canada is a big deal in the Energy MLM. You don't want to miss out on this market because so much top Network Marketers and Entrepreneur's come from Canada. Now you can have a True North American Opportunity. The company is planning to launch a Product later this year that is not Gas or Electricity and will allow them to offer services in other States and Provinces that are not yet deregulated. So we have a winner here and the stakes are high as the Ceo has already built a Multi Billion Dollar Energy company out of one state alone with one service. You want to position yourself now at the beginning of this New and Emerging Trend in the Home Business Arena.

When you contact Mohamed you will get the best resources and training: When You Complete the form below you'll learn...
All around the world people dream of how they can become independently wealthy. They dream of financial freedom and a better life. The only problem is… most people don’t know how to get started to make these dreams come true.

That’s where network marketing comes into the picture. Network marketing accounts for nearly $100 billion in sales world wide and it gives the average Joe the best chance to create a long term residual income that cannot be found in any other industry on earth. If you want financial freedom then network marketing is your key.

* The essential tools that EVERY Successful Online Home Business Must Have and Where to get them
* The Scientific Formula for Creating Web Traffic Out of Thin Air, Then Converting That Traffic Into Cool Cash
* What the easiest and most often overlooked way the 'little guy' can get unlimited free targeted traffic?
* The ONE crucial ingredient that you MUST HAVE to succeed in your Online Home Business

I'll LITERALLY show you EVERTYTHING YOU MUST KNOW to Start and Run Your Own Profitable Long Term Online Home Business
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Team Empowered Marketing and Training in the Online MLM and Direct Selling Arena.
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We provide personal and business coaching.

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California Energy Deregulation in Home Business and MLM

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The biggest Energy Business is about to open commercial Energy in California. Watch out here we come with a Bang. Secure your position Today and don't miss this opportunity of the Decade.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gas and Electricity Business Takes New York and Ohio By Storm

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Are you looking for the Next Big MLM Trend Online. Gas and Energy Deregulation is here to stay. Withing the next 5 to 15 Years you can build yourself a Huge Business with a 13 Year old Multi Billion Dollar Company that recently added a MLM Division.

If you are with Ambit Energy or Ignite or AMA Nation , you will want to take a Look at this one.

Multiple Streams of Income - No Auto Ships - Licensed in 15 States and 5 Canadian Provinces.

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Its a 500$ Billion Dollar industry. Imagine the power of earning income every month when people pay their Gas and Electric Bills. You can earn Thousands. The Telecom and Wireless industry is finished in terms of MLM. The next big Trend online is Energy. Be part of our Dynamic Team Today.

I have been in the industry for 14 + Years and will help you to learn MLM and how to build your business in New York and Ohio and Many more States Opening up each Month. Ontario Canada is also opened up for Business.

Very simple to gather customers. They sign up online through a Virtual online platform. Its takes minutes. All the tools and systems are in place for you to win. We offer very competitive prices and we are one of the Largest Green Energy Company in the MLM Arena. Our Ceo has already built a Multi Billion Dollar Energy Company in One State with One Service, now he has partnered with the Best and we are about to Change the FACE of the Energy Sector and MLM industry.

Average people can have success here. Call now 1 647 764 6350
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